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White Label Shop

Build your web shop with all the design elements, functionality and FLYERALARM products that you want. There are over seven million product configurations to choose from, so we can help you along the way. And your shop and product range will all be seamlessly connected to your infrastructure, allowing you to get on with selling products and growing your business.

White Label Shop

White Label Shop (Coming soon)

Your own shop – without the hassle of having your own shop
Start your own online print shop quickly and easily and become a successful reseller. With our White Label Shop, you can use a large part of the FLYERALARM Pro product portfolios and benefit from the simple processing via dropshipping. Your shop can be configured for your industry of choice, preconfigured and seamlessly connected to your infrastructure.

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Use the FLYERALARM PRO White Label Shop and grow with us / grow your print business
  • Market analysis and customer satisfaction
    With a fully configurable product portfolio in your white label shop, you can decide how your shop looks, and how you want to market it. (WAS: You know best what and how you want to market it. Therefore, the product portfolio of our white label shops is fully configurable and flexibly adaptable – you decide how your shop should look.)
  • Advice and equipment for your white label shop
    Our software partner advises you on the design of your white label shop and offers you everything from a single source. Our tried-and-tested basic system is adaptable, so you can present your products and market them as desired.
  • Design & implementation of your own shop
    After clarifying the content and functions, the technical implementation of your desired features follows.
  • Maintenance and expansion
    Your dedicated FLYERALARM PRO advisor will work closely with you from the first meeting to going live, and will also support you as you continue to grow your business thereafter.

Advantages of a white label shop:

  • Get started straight away
    The activation of your new online shop only takes a few days.
  • Customer-oriented
    You can offer your customers more than seven million possible product configurations in your own, user-friendly online shop.
  • Attractive design at low cost
    You get a modern online shop in responsive design (also optimized for smartphones and tablets) with your corporate design. And all this at low cost.
  • Intuitive
    Even if you are new to the web-to-print industry, you can run your own reseller print shop. The shop is easy to use, you will receive extensive training from us at the beginning.
  • Support
    Qualified and dedicated FLYERALARM advisor at your disposal for general and technical questions.
  • Sender address
    You decide whether your address should be given as the sender or whether a neutral dispatch should take place to your customers.
  • SEO optimized
    Even the basic version of the web shop is optimized for search engines. If desired, you can receive further support in terms of marketing, advertising and search engine optimization (through our software partner).
  • Addition to your portfolio
    Do you already have your own production or purchase your products from third parties? No problem, just expand your portfolio with the products you want.
  • Neutral product graphics
    You will be provided with neutral product graphics that can be adjusted independently.
  • Informed
    Important news are provided in a separate news portal.
  • Economical
    There is no need for additional investments for infrastructure, hardware and software
  • Full system integration
    Existing systems can be connected via intelligent XML interfaces.
  • Multi-shop functionality
    Set up several shops in parallel, so you address different target groups.
  • Sustainability
    Image advantage through predominant production in Germany (“printed in Germany”).

Everything at a glance: In our brochure you will find all the information for resellers.

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