frequently asked Questions

Do my customers find out that FLYERALARM is my printing partner?

No, FLYERALARM does not appear. The goods are dispatched to your given address with neutral shipping or you as sender if desired.

Does FLYERALARM contact my customers?

No, FLYERALARM will not maintain direct contact with your customers. In the event of a complaint, take over customer support and contact our Quality Assurance department.

Where can I find out which products are offered via the interface?

You can use our reseller API to call up which products can be ordered automatically via the interface on a daily basis. We are continuously expanding the portfolio, new FLYERALARM products are usually available in the API at short notice.

Where can I find the exclusive reseller prices?

For the most up-to-date prices, access our reseller API. In order to get an overview in advance, you can get a test account.

Is there a minimum sales for the reseller program?

Yes, in order to become a FLYERALARM PRO reseller, a minimum monthly turnover of EUR 2,500 (net) must be achieved in the medium term.

Can I integrate the FA products into my existing shop?

Yes, you can easily connect your existing web shop to the FLYERALARM infrastructure via our reseller API and then access a large part of the FLYERALARM product portfolio in no time at all.

Which payment methods can I choose?

We offer our resellers a billing interval of monthly collective bills (depending on creditworthiness).

Who is my contact person for questions/problems/complaints?

You can send us general and technical questions or complaints via the StartNow portal. We will then process your inquiries as quickly as possible and get back to you.

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